Social Anxiety and Shyness Quiz

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social anxiety quiz

1. Deep down I think that most people won’t like me.

2. I find that I don’t really like most people.

3. I stay in touch with friends and family even if I haven’t seen them in awhile.

4. I have at least one true friend that I’m comfortable sharing anything with.

5. I’m happy with my social life overall.

6. Sometimes I cancel my plans because I’m too stressed or anxious to go out.

7. I’m comfortable opening up and showing myself to others.

8. I can find support from others when I really need it.

9. I’m comfortable giving presentations in front of large groups of people.

10. No one really understands me.

11. I often feel anxious around authority figures (like teachers, bosses, or politicians).

12. I can make a connection with almost anybody if given the chance.

13. I have a strong sense of family and community in my life.

14. I don’t mind spending time with people who are very different than me.

15. I’ve always had trouble making new friends at school or work.

16. I frequently worry about what people might be thinking about me.

17. I don’t have as many friends as I wish I had.

18. I often fear rejection and being judged negatively.

19. I feel loved in my close relationships with family and friends.

20. I often make time to socialize (outside of school or work) at least once a week.

21. When I embarrass myself in front of others, I think about it for days.

22. I commonly feel alone and alienated from people.

23. I often feel uncomfortable when meeting a person for the first time.

24. I over-think what to say next when I’m talking with others.

25. I have a history of bad past relationships.